Top-level heading



The Council is composed of:

  • all the professors of the department of Translational and Precision Medicine;

  • all researchers, including those with fixed term contracts, belonging to the Department;

  • Delegated Administrative Manager, as secretary;

  • representatives of the technical-administrative staff in number not less than 15% of the teaching staff;

  • an equal number of students' representatives according to the procedures established by the Department’s Regulations.


Up to three representatives of the scholarships/ research grants/ multi-annual research contracts holders operating in the department may also participate in the Department Council with voting rights.


Its main tasks are:

  • elect the Director of the Department;

  • identify general criteria for the use of funds allocated to the Department for research;

  • approve an annual research development plan for the Department;

  • formulate requests for positions of professors and researchers;

  • approve proposals for the establishment of PhD programmes;

  • to formulate proposals concerning the establishment of research/research and service/inter university/service Centres;

  • make provisions for the operation, in accordance with the regulations of the University, of the organizational structures of: library, services and teaching activity of the Department, making available the necessary resources;

  • approve the budget and the final account in accordance with the regulations of the University for administration, finance and accounting.